How Portuguese Knitting Inspired Our Collection of Baby Clothes

28th May 2023

 If you love knitting, you may have heard of Portuguese knitting, a unique style that offers smoother purl stitches, faster knitting, and greater tension control. But do you know the history and tradition behind this technique? And how it inspired our collection of knitted baby clothes at Precious Baby London?


Portuguese knitting is one of the oldest styles of knitting, originating in the Middle East around 10 centuries ago. It spread to Portugal and other European countries through trade and migration, and later to South America, where it is also known as Incan or Andean knitting. Portuguese knitting differs from regular knitting in the way the wool is held; it can either be passed through a special Portuguese knitting pin attached to the knitter's clothes, or looped around the neck and then over a finger. The yarn is tensioned with the right hand, but the action of forming the stitch happens with a flick of the left thumb bringing the yarn up to form the new stitch.


This method has many advantages for knitters, especially for those who suffer from carpal tunnel, arthritis, or joint pain, as it requires minimal hand movement. It also makes purling easier than knitting, which is why many Portuguese knitters work from the wrong side of the fabric, even when doing complex colourwork. It's also easier to work colourwork with this method because you can strand each colour through a different knitting pin if you like, which keeps them from getting tangled as they do when you tension them on your fingers.


At Precious Baby London, we embrace the timeless artistry of Portuguese knitting, drawing inspiration from Andrea Wong's book "Portuguese Style of Knitting - History, Traditions and Techniques." With reverence for heritage craftsmanship and an eye for contemporary elegance, our collection of knitted baby clothes captures the essence of this revered tradition. Each garment is made with high-quality wool and modern threads of dralon that is soft and gentle on your baby's skin, and features delicate details such as lace patterns, cables, bobbles, and embroidery. Our designs are influenced by the rich culture and history of Portugal, from its stunning architecture and landscapes to its folk art and music.


Whether you are looking for a cosy cardigan, a charming dress, a snuggly baby shawl, or a cute hat, you will find something to love in our collection of knitted baby clothes. Experience the grace and sophistication that define Precious Baby London, where each garment tells a story woven with love, passion, and the influence of Portuguese knitting.


Visit our website to browse our collection and place your order today. You can also follow us on Instagram @preciousbabylondon to see more of our beautiful creations and get updates on new arrivals and promotions. And if you are interested in learning more about Portuguese knitting, we recommend checking out Andrea Wong's book "Portuguese Style of Knitting - History, Traditions and Techniques" or taking a class with her or another expert instructor. You will be amazed by how much fun and rewarding this technique can be!


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